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The Ornaments in Persian Music for Ney

In Persian music the ornaments are very important. In fact they are part of melodies. To know well the structure of classical Persian music you have to know well how the ornaments work. To improvise on a motif and develop ideas, to show the techniques of instruments and to interpret correctly a traditional Persian song we need to know the ornamentations well. This book contains special step by step exercises to learn how the ornaments work and also traditional songs in different Persian modes. All written in an innovative way to make it easier to touch and memorize them. By the way many times writing all the details is quite complicated but I tried to write almost all ornaments in this book in a way easier to understand. These exercises may be used for other instruments or for research as well. We all know that music is an art of listening so to get closer to this world we have to listen well. For this, there are two CDs recorded in high quality accompanied with Persian percussions that are available for listening and practicing. BUY eBOOK HERE     1st CD     2nd CD






A new method to learn Tombak

A new method to learn Tombak, the main percussion of classical Persian music. In this method you will know different rhythmic forms of traditional music and Persian folklore. You also learn various techniques of modern tombak. With a more precise musical language. This book is the result of years teaching Tombak as much as in music universities in Iran and teaching by skype around the world. Many students of other nationalities want to learn typical rhythms of classical Persian music but in the methods they do not find it well. I have tried to prepare exercises based on the traditional figures of tombak and also in the last lessons we approach the modern techniques. In fact in this book there is no explanation on the techniques of tombak. there are only exercises from basic to professional level. Audio files also are avalable in this link:

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Comprehensive method of Persian Ney

In this Method students will be acquainted with Notes and signs, Music expression, Technics and Ney Sound, registers of Ney and Persians modes and repertory of Iranian Traditional Music in Form of Beautifull and Familier Songs.