Kereshmeh in Persian poetry means ‘coquetry’, and is also an old melody in classical Iranian music repertory. This album is an investigation on the possibilities of composing and improvising in less known rhythms and a way of playing around with percussion accents in a simpler form.

Minimalism as a way of making music. making music based on short motifs, developing the piece through adding different tracks and making a musical loop was something unfamiliar to me. It is an idea that I have been experimenting and learning over the past few years. In Kereshmeh, I have tried to use this technique with the traditional and folkloric music of Iran.

Repeating, repeating, adding and growing give an image and feeling of flying. In mystic and Sufi thinking, this method exists as well for concentration and relaxing. This album is my own prospective inspired by Persian music, jazz and fusion.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm


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